My Story

I love telling stories. As a young girl, I would write and illustrate short stories (mostly ghost stories) on construction paper and staple them together. Growing up, my friends and I would collaborate on stories, sort of like Choose Your Own Adventure or Mad Libs. As a teen, I wanted to be the next George Lucas. And while I still love directing and the idea of movie-making, I found my niche while working on a school project. It was in the dark editing room in front of the AVID that I realized how much I loved using music, words, and video to tell stories.


Our Approach

My Approach

Want to really grab your audience, viewer or reader? I've been doing just that for years as a tease writer for news promotion. Something like-- "what we discovered in your favorite snack that makes it a not-so-healthy option."

I'm an Emmy-winning video editor who has written, edited, shot and produced news promos and commercials. Over the last 14+ years, I've honed the skill of finding that one nugget that helps bring the viewer in (which for news usually means kicking and screaming).

I am taking that same approach to web writing. I can help your brand through researching keywords, strategic word use for organic searching, and use Google Trends & Analytics to produce CTRs and results! My news background also allows me to focus on accuracy, brand-building, creative content, communication, and meeting tight deadlines.

Together we can grow your brand and produce creative visual and word-based content across all types of platforms.

Our Story

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